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How Codat used Otta Pro to hire fast and deliver on diversity goals

photo of Zak Forbes, Talent Lead at Codat

“The candidate base is very diverse. Of the 20 hires we made, 50% have been people from underrepresented backgrounds.”,

Zak Forbes, Talent Lead at Codat

Codat's mission is to make life easier for small businesses. They are the pipes that connect small business data, whether that’s a lender pulling information from a company’s cloud accounting package, or a payment terminal immediately pushing sales information into company accounts.

By allowing small businesses to share their accounting data with a click of a button, they save them valuable time and money and give them easy access to financial products.

Codat started using Otta Pro in October 2020, shortly after raising their Series A from top tier investors. Since working with Otta, they’ve gone on to raise two more rounds of funding from more high profile investors.

They hired 20 people during the first year on Otta Pro, a period where they grew very quickly. Hires ranged from Software Engineers to Enterprise Account Managers and a Product Marketing Manager.

"Since starting on Otta Pro in October 2020 we have made 20 hires, so Otta Pro had a huge impact on our hiring ability and reaching top talent."

Zak Forbes, Talent Lead at Codat

The team at Codat

The team at Codat

One of the areas where Otta stood out compared to the competition was the diversity of candidates on the platform. Otta attracts lots of candidates from backgrounds that are typically underrepresented in tech, because we’ve thought deeply about what these candidates care about.

For example, we encourage companies to talk about how they approach diversity & inclusion, and we share the gender split at the companies we have on the platform.

“One reason I’m hugely impressed by Otta is that the candidate base is very diverse. Of the hires we’ve made, 50% come from underrepresented minority backgrounds and over 50% identify as female.

The % of female and minority background candidates we see apply for jobs through Otta is much higher than our other channels.”

Zak Forbes, Talent Lead at Codat

As well as providing the tools for companies to attract and engage top talent, Otta also has a Customer Success team, which helps companies make the most out of Otta Pro.

The team helps with everything from ‘How can I improve my employer branding?’ to ‘What salary should I set for this role?’

“The service we have received from the team has always been brilliant. Fast responses, happy to help and always looking to take on feedback and happy to hear areas where things aren’t going as well and could be improved (although that has been very rare!)”

Zak Forbes, Talent Lead at Codat

photo of Marian Smith, QA Engineer at Codat

Marian Smith, QA Engineer at Codat

After discovering the role on Otta, Marian applied to Codat and was recently hired as a QA Engineer.

“I ended up using Otta as my only job search tool because the product was really intuitive, and had all the information I needed in one place: relevant technologies and salary information for roles, growth statistics and diversity metrics for companies.”

Marian Smith, QA Engineer at Codat

Marian is really enjoying working on delivering new technology that makes life easier for small businesses.

“You are given a lot of autonomy at Codat. Everyone's willingness to help out, and the level of support you get, is amazing!”

Marian Smith, QA Engineer at Codat

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"Otta Pro has unlocked high quality talent for hard-to-fill roles: we've hired Senior Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Product Designers - the list goes on."

A photo of Jonathan Gilbert

Jonathan Gilbert

Talent Acquisition Director,

"Otta has helped us hire faster by providing a steady stream of inbound applicants - over 90% of our hires through Otta came direct to us"

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Talent Lead, Multiverse