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  • Our candidate-first approach matches the most suitable candidates with your jobs

  • 18% of applicants convert to interview, vs. 9% on LinkedIn

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High-intent candidates

  • Our platform finds 'ready now' candidates for all your roles

  • 49% of messages sent on Otta get a response, vs. 20% on LinkedIn

  • Spend less time headhunting on Otta and more time engaging with candidates

Diverse talent

  • 67% of Otta candidates identify as female, 33% are from underrepresented ethnic groups

  • 85% of candidates are open to remote work

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Hundreds of companies use Otta Pro to hire faster and attract top talent

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"The candidate base is very diverse. Of the 20 hires we made, 50% have been people from underrepresented backgrounds."

A photo of Zak Forbes

Zak Forbes

Talent Lead, Codat

"Otta Pro has unlocked high quality talent for hard-to-fill roles: we've hired Senior Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Product Designers - the list goes on."

A photo of Jonathan Gilbert

Jonathan Gilbert

Talent Acquisition Director, Checkout.com

Across all functions and experience levels

Candidates range from college graduates to senior leaders, with 50% seeking technical roles

Software Engineering




Operations & Strategy

Sales & Account Management


People, HR, Recruitment

Finance, Legal & Compliance









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