Refreshing our brand

Sam Franklin headshot
Sam Franklin

24th February 2021

Today we're updating the look and feel of Otta. It builds on what we've been doing since we started — putting job seekers first and building for people who want more from their career.

The start of our mission

Just under two years ago, Theo, Xav and I first started exploring the problems people have when looking for a job. We spoke to hundreds of people, and the same topics kept coming up. Searches throwing up irrelevant jobs, endless recruiters pushing unsuitable roles, being ghosted by companies, a lack of information on important things like salary & company culture. The list goes on.

It was crazy to us that there was no great product to help people when switching jobs, especially when it is such a pivotal moment in people's lives, and one where the right support makes a big difference. The big players in the industry had failed to innovate.

With this in mind, we set ourselves a mission to be the only place you need to go to find and secure roles at the world's most innovative companies. Since then, over 100,000 people have signed up to Otta to make their next move, and we've spoken to thousands of them to help us build towards our goal.

When we were figuring out the problems people have when finding a job, we'd often hear phrases like ‘job search is soul-crushing’, but now, our users are telling us things like ‘Otta makes me feel at ease’, and ‘Otta makes job hunting less daunting’. We're making progress.

Over the last two years we've learnt a lot about what matters to job seekers and how we're making a difference. To better reflect this, we're launching our new brand.

The only job search that does you justice

We're leaving the world of transactional job boards behind. We're working towards a future where finding a great job feels exciting, rewarding and is an opportunity to find true fulfilment.

Everything we do is aimed at bringing out the best in you. Whether that's through being picky about the companies that make it onto Otta, including insight to help you apply smarter, or providing you with the tools to express that you're more than just a CV.

We're excited that our new brand expresses more about what we're building.

We want you to make progress and feel confident, so we've reflected this in the growing shape of our new logo. We've introduced sunnier colours and striking visuals, because you should feel excited and optimistic when looking for a job.

We believe everyone should be in a job they love, and we're excited to continue on our mission of making this happen for as many people as possible.

Introducing our pledge to social mobility

Today feels like a good opportunity to announce our pledge to improving social mobility. Although we love to help people find fulfilment through working at innovative companies, we know not everyone is granted the same educational opportunities and life chances. When you accept a new job that you found on Otta, we'll let you choose a social mobility cause to donate to.

We're currently supporting Beam, UpReach and the Sutton Trust. We've been emailing people who accepted jobs since January and have already donated £12,000.

The only job search that does you justice